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Product Range for Low Pressure Die Casting Industry
  Circulation Pumps
» Circulates the molten metal quickly and effectively throughout furnace
» Significantly increases melt rates while reducing energy consumption
» Eliminates temperature stratification and hot spots in the furnace
» Perfect for mixing metal for fast alloying and homoginization
» Available in 3 sizes to fit your furnace

  Filter Transfer Pumps
» Add metal filtration to your transfer pump for improved metal quality!
» Uses a CFF filter which is inexpensive and easy to replace.
» Improves metal quality by reducing inclusions in transferred metal.
» Filter protects rotor from rocks and other debris in the metal.
» Can be used with launder transfer or traditional transfer pumps.

  Gas Injection Pumps
» Excellent choice for efficient injection of gas into the molten metal
» Can be used to demag or degas metal
» Treat metal faster and more thoroughly - flow of metal shears gas into small bubbles for better reaction
» Increases productivity of furnace
» Includes all the benefits of a circulation pump (see above)

  Speed Demon Transfer Pump
» Great for emptying furnaces, degassing units, crucibles and other transfers for maintenance or production
» Quick-immersion pump - submerges in about 15 minutes
» Small footprint fits in small openings
» Flow rates up to 300 lbs./min.
» Air driven with a variable speed motor allows control of flow rate
» Available in different lengths

  Launder Transfer Pump
» Newest technology for transferring metal with all subsurface movement
» Quiescent transfer of metal eliminates turbulence and dross formation
» Improves metal quality by reducing dross and inclusions
» Excellent for feeding casting lines at very accurate flow rates
» Can be used to fill ladles or transfer between furnaces.

  Metal Maiden Transfer Pump
» For use with zinc alloys, tin or lead.
» Air or electric driven with variable speed motors.
» Achieve high flow rates and high metal lift.
» Transfer metal while operator stays at a safe distance.
» Can be used to fill ladles or transfer between furnaces.

  Transfer Pumps
» Safely transfers molten metal
» Increase flow rates, reduce transfer times and imrpove productivity
» Capable of delivering metal to high heights
» Very reliable metal delivery
» Lower heat loss during transfer
» Pump through lined pipe, into troughs or into ladles
» Available with air or electric motors

  Refractory Lined Transfer Pipe
» Refractory lining insulates and protects steel exterior
» Available in straights up to 48” long and elbows in almost any angle, custom fabricated to your needs
» Bolts together for easy assembly
» Liners are replaceable - provides cost savings

More than just great pumps, we also offer...

  Complete In-Line Degassing Systems
» For superior in-line metal treatment.
» Available with unique submerged heating system.
» Constructed with a durable liner and insulated for maximum energy savings
» Single and multiple chamber designs depending on your requirements
» Removeable covers for easy access and cleaning.

  The ScrapEater - Light Weight Scrap Submergence System
» Increases melt rate for light weight scrap for more production out of your furnace.
» Provides measurable improvement in metal recovery.
» Submerges scrap quickly and efficiently, minimizes dross formation.
» Height adjustment for metal level.
» Built rugged for long service life.

  Ladle Degassing Stations
» Fully automatic unit simplifies metal treatment while providing repeatable results.
» Programmable operation can be customized to your needs.
» Constructed for long service life.
» Features our QUAD-Zilla degassing rotor and shaft for improved metal treatment.
» Also available with flux injection.

  Mobile Flux Injection Unit
» For injecting flux to clean your furnace
» Inject custom fabricated to your needs
» System is mobile which allows it to be used with multiple furnaces
» Operates with 110V and nitrogen, either in a tank attached to the cart or from an external line.

  Portable Degassing Units
» Light weight (35 lbs) unit is perfect for degassing ladles, crucibles and small furnaces.
» Simple operation, sits on top of well.
» Air driven for reliable operation.
» Features our QUAD-Zillla degassing rotor and shaft for superior metal treatment.

  Graphite Casting Rings for Billet Tables
» Complete range of designs to fit your billet casting tables.
» Sizes up to 24” diameter.
» Uniform material properties for superior performance.
» Factory testing of each ring is available.

  Degassing Replacement Parts
» Features our QUAD-Zilla rotor design for improved metal treatment
» Shafts available with our RHINO sleeve for increased service life
» Custom made to retrofit your existing equipment
» Other rotor designs available as well as shafts in nearly any length
» Made from premium graphite, treated for resistance to oxidation

  Machined Graphite Parts
» With our complete CNC machining capabilities, we offer high quality machined graphite parts.
» 5th axis machining for making complicated shapes
Access to a complete range of graphite materials including extruded, molded and isostatic grades as well as treated materials.
» Quick-turnaround time
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