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  Metal Transfer - Safe and controlled metal transfer solutions
» Melting temperatures <400°C

Emptying the container for non-ferrous metals up to a melting temperature of 400°C. Emptying of containers with liquid molten metal is always a critical process and can be a safety risk. Precimeter has developed a pump system with a round pump that makes the process controllable and safe.

» Melting temperatures <800°C

For stationary, non-tilting melting furnaces, there is often the need to cover large distances in order to tap the molten mass in conjunction with considerable mechanical effort, which under certain circumstances influences the statistics of the furnace and the building. In order to automate removal of the molten mass, Precimeter GmbH has developed a system based on an electromagnetic pump (flat channel pump).


  Filter Monitoring
» Filter monitoring 1

Two inductive sensors (PLP) and a special electronic system were developed in order to be able to supervise filters. A difference signal is processed by the measuring electronics to allow supervision of the process cycle.
Monitoring with inductive sensors

» Filter monitoring 2

Two inductive sensors and two electronic systems were developed in order to be able to supervise filters. The changing levels, seen in the following example, are measured before and after the filter. The sensor signal before the filter can be used to control a tilting furnace. The sensor signal after the filter activates the alarm for a filter change.


  Ladle Automation
» As an alternative to electric probe scanning, Precimeter offers a purpose-built inductive sensor (PLPR) to allow positioning of the exact operating point of the ladle.

The Advantages are:

  • no contact with the melt
  • no oxide adherence
  • no corrosion
  • accurate approach of the point of reference

  Launder Level Control
» Open systems

With a laser sensor different processes can be controlled and monitored during channel filling, such as tilting furnace or plug control.
» Closed systems

Using an inductive sensor (PLP) and the appropriate electronics, different processes can be controlled and monitored during channel filling, such as tilting furnace or plug control.

  Low Pressure Casting
» To influence the process of low pressure pouring, a ring probe (RP) was designed by Precimeter. The Ring probe is positioned over the riser tube, so that during an increase in pressure the rising melt reaches the area of the ring probe at a pre-programmed point of reference. This point is used for the start of the casting process.

Ring probe monitoring

  Sand Casting (Tilting Furnace)
» In sand casting, the appropriate measuring electronics from Precimeter GmbH record and control mould filling at the riser tube by a proximity probe.

The output signal of 0-20 mA or 0-10 V can be used to control the tilting furnace

Tilting furnace

  Two Chamber System
» Dosing system
A proximity probe is used when the accuracy of the dosages depends on small bath fluctuations.
  • no oxide build-up
  • inexpensive
» Charging system
A submerged probe is used in the fusion chamber for greater fluctuations in the charging.
» Monitoring with a submerged and a proximity probe 1 electronic control system for Low-cost system for simple process cycles:

  Measurement of Different Levels
» The continuous dual submersed sensor (CLP) Precimeter GmbH was developed for applications typically found in electrolysis. Two super- imposed levels can be measured, e.g. aluminium / salt or magnesium / salt.

Since it is well known that very aggressive chemical reactions take place during electrolysis processes, it is essential to select an appropriate protective tube for the submerged sensor.

  Furnace and Crucible Level Measurement
» Open Systems

For an open crucible, furnace or well the laser triangulation sensors are a good solution for measuring the level without any contact with the melt.
» Closed Systems

In closed chambers or pressurized furnaces the inductive sensors can provide continuos reading or function as a High level or fully charged indication.

  Foundry/Remelt Ingot and Sows
The Implementation of an automatic casting system in a horizontal foundry ingot casting line brings many advantages.
  • Quality improvement (equally sized ingots and bundles)
  • Documentation of the process
  • Raw material savings
  • Better use of manpower
Precimeter offers products for automation of a ingot caster caster such as

Pin positioners
Tap out actuators
Metal level sensors
Automatic casting system


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